midbrain activation for adult

Midbrain activation for adult is a special program to stimulate human brain and body for age above 15 years old so that the brain can function to its maximum capacity in daily life. The method employs in this activation process is using the VIBRATION METHOD™. Master trainer will directly activate your brain and body no more than 1 hour.

Materials for midbrain activation training for adult :

1. To train our brain to concentrate / focus easier. To train our brain to have better memory, not easily forgetful although we are in the old age.

2. Sharpen the sensitivity of the senses thus will awaken the physical radar of your body. With this ability, we are able to identify different cards colour with blindfolded and also help to take any decision. George soros is a multi-billionare who has this ability. With active physical radar, he got backache as a body signal (sensation) that there was something wrong when he took a decision making. Other people may have different sensation such as feel warmth/cold energy, feel like skin becomes thicker, see the vision in mind etc.

3. The teaching of super brain gym which can be applied to overcome various brain problems such as: difficult to focus/concentrate, emotional instability, forgetfullness and others. Super Brain Gym can also be taught to your children for cases such as autism, hyperactive, down syndrome, etc. This gym consists of only 1 main movement, easy to apply and can be used any where.

4. Teaching of particular breathing technique to enhance intuition and brain cognitif advancement

5. You will acquire detection skill in which this activation will activate and sharpen your intuition. Active intuition will assist us in detecting various matters such as:
•    To make decision from many options / choices.
•    To detect the quality and personality of business partner, candidate employee or individual
•    To detect whether something (for example job, business) will bring fortune.
•    To enhance identifcation of self potency for example which one is suitable for you to be a businessman or to be a worker.
•    To identify the existence of supernatural creatures, energy of an object whether it is good / bad, strong /weak
•    To identify the faithfulness of our partner.
•    To identify the level of suitability of one’s partner.
•    To identify the cause of one’s disease whether it is medicinal illness or non-medicinal illness
•    To assist in decision making in stockexchange market / forex

6. For healing purpose and maintenance health : We teach some remarkable healing methods and can be applied to all kinds of diseases: medicinal illness, non-medicinal illness, psychological illness.

7. Total protection from all dangers, calamity, accidents, epidemic, various kinds of human crimes and black magic.

8. Attract anything (money, love) and many more benefits.

– To learn vibration method need to come to jakarta indonesia (face to face training). We are the 1st institution who discover this method and teach to many people around the world. Make sure you learn vibration method from the 1st source.

– The training result of vibration method may vary for each person depend on his/her talent.