We are present “online fingerprint analysis” to find out your INNATE CHARACTER (Personality). To determine type of someone’s personality, we used BIRD Profile method (Eagle, Peacock, Dove, and Owl) or typically called as DISC profile (Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Compliant) which is a concept concerning human character introduced by Dr.William Marston.

o Eagle/Dominance related with control, power and explicitness
o Peacock/Influence related with social situation and communication
o Dove/Steadiness related with patience and diligence.
o Owl/Compliance related with rule and structure.

By conducting personality test, you would be able to more understanding yourself and know about what should be done in order to become better person. It would maximize ability on making socialization and cooperation with other individual within organization

On family environment would be very important as well to find out husband-wife-children-parents character, so each among them be able to more understand each other and communication within family could be improved, so relationship within family would closer and understanding superiority-weakness each other.

On our fingerprint analysis, we analyze inherent profile on someone genetically (not influenced profile by environment). Our method is different from other profile assessment/test by utilizing set of question, so on this fingerprint analysis is not need anything question or interview because look at someone’s fingerprint directly. Thus, the result is not influence by someone’s psychological condition such as mood, lied, manipulate answer and so on.

Online fingerprint analysis can be processed by distance via email (online). You just send picture/photo of your fingerprint to our email and we will send the result as feedback via email as well.


1. You have to draw sample of your 10 fingerprint using high resolution photo (suggested to use camera with minimal resolution 8 MP with clearly sunshine) or minimal photo that can recognize fingerprint line pattern, such following example :

fingerprint pattern

2. Charge of online fingerprint analysis is USD 5, paid by credit card via PAYPAL.COM to We will send our analysis result to your email within 1-2 weekday (working days) which consist of 1 report page + eBook for the explanation

3. After payment, fill the registration form which can be downloaded at

4. Upload your registration/doc file to DROPBOX.COM or any file sharing service like, etc and send the download link to us.

5. We will send the report within 1-2 days (working days – monday to friday).