For you who curious to know the real method as well as the processes performed during Midbrain Activation.

For a scientist/science institution that plans to conduct a research on blindfold. You will know the process from the beginning until the end. For the scientists so far lack of understanding about the method, you will soon admire it, because the method is 100% scientific. First time in history, scientific method is actually capable to raise the children’s “supernatural” capability. There’s also description of abroad scientists’ opinion regarding the capability of BLINFOLD along with scientific journals. By knowing its method, you will be able to develop your own research, for example for personal dissertation or research under the name of an institution.


midbrain activation ebook


CHAPTER 1 : THE AWESOMENESS OF HUMAN BRAIN Describes the awesomeness of human brain capabilities as the most perfect creature of God
CHAPTER 2 : BRAIN’S WAVE AND ITS RELATION WITH BLINDFOLD ACTIVATION Very important explanation to let you know the awesomeness of human brain. To know which type of brain wave able to make a child have super capabilities
CHAPTER 3: BENEFIT OF BLINFOLD ACTIVATION Why an activity with eyes closed? Don’t human beings have eyes already? Is the capability being like a super ninja still relevant in this modern era? You will find all of the answers, and as a matter of fact, successful people in the world also acknowledge it.
CHAPTER 4 : BLINDFOLD ACTIVATION METHOD & THE SECRET OF ACTIVATION AUDIO. Blindfold activation using methods that have been known by the public. We ll share you the secret to combine all those methods to make children have blindfold ability. In this chapter we also share you the secret of blindfold activation audio.
CHAPTER 5 : STARTING THE PROCESS OF BLINDFOLD ACTIVATION Detailed process of 7 hours doing activation activities
CHAPTER 6 : RECOGNIZING THE LEVEL OF AT POST ACTIVATON Description of post activation, where child has a radar with different capabilities. Different powers of radars makes the children undergo different test method. Description will be given on the beginner’s radar level until skilled radar level.
CHAPTER 7 : GUIDE FOR HOME PRACTICES AFTER ACTIVATION How to practice blindfold skill to let the intuition become sharper. Sharp intuition is very useful in all sectors of life.
CHAPTER 8 : OTHER METHODS TO ACTIVATE BLINDFOLD CAPABILITIES To uncover different kinds of method used to activate blindfold activities.
CHAPTER 9: SCIENTISTS’ COMMENT ON HUMAN’S BLINDFOLD CAPABILITIES To discuss the researches conducted by the scientist including scientific journals published.

  • Please understand that THERE IS NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any reason. We share the methods because we are trainer of midbrain activation, so that we know very well the whole process. We spent a lot of effort and time to publish the ebook. If you need ready made -tested and proven- activation audio and get special support from us, then you can buy our franchise so we can guarantee till you mastering the methods. Contact us for more information about franchise.
  • The method to be taught soon is in fact only effective for children of 5-15 years. Based on experience, however, it’s also effective for use by adult people, only that its possibility of failure is quite high, because it’s very difficult for an adult to be relax or to reduce the brain wave. Usually, only those with talents or often conduct meditation will be able to have their blindfold capability activated. For adults, we recommend using vibration method.

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