midbrain activation franchise

Are you willing to have blindfold/midbrain activation business in your country?

Do you already have an education business and looking for another business diversification?



What will you get?


– Activate the brain using music.

– We have several types of ready-made activation audio (tested & proven for years). No need research and trial error anymore for creating the music.

– Suitable for children only


– Activate the brain off without music just in a few minutes per person. Using human power ability.

– No need imagination/visualization/breathing technique.

– Natural Way/Safe

– Suitable for adult & children

– Vibration method is also powerful to heal any diseases, predict/detect anything such as predict stock market, detect any disease, choose partner/employee, etc. Vibration method also can be used to protect anything, attract love/money, remove bad energy, etc.



Mass Vibration Method is the next level of Vibration Method (VM). With this method, you can do brain activation for many people. No need activate person per person. You can also combine this method with music to increase the rate of success.


We are the creator of midbrain audio, and we can teach you how to create activation sound so that you can create your audio. We supply the sound to our clients around the world. If you buy the franchise from us, you buy the original audio from the 1st source. Beware many fake/stolen audio which is sold very cheap.




  ONE TIME INVESTMENT only for franchise fee, NO monthly/yearly royalty.

  White label franchise. It means you can use your own brand and you can resell franchise in your country. Please beware about some midbrain companies outside there that sell white label franchise too but in fact they cropped the midbrain audio using common audio editor software and put your brand inside. So they give you modified audio (not original one). They use tricky method using common audio editor software because it is not easy for common people to distinguish between original and fake audio. Also some midbrain company use stolen/piracy audio. Make sure play only original midbrain audio, otherwise won’t be effective.

  With single investment, you get 3 in 1 business (Midbrain Activation + Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test + Vibration Method).

  You can setup your own price, you can modify the program as necessary.

  You also get “Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis Business”

  We give you LIFETIME SUPPORT. We have years experience in midbrain activation business and researching human power energy.

  We give you original music and real vibration method. Beware of other website/institution that copy our content and give only the stolen/pirate music and fake vibration method.

  We give you source of activation audio (unlimited license). You may distribute the audio to your clients without limitation.

If you buy the franchise, you ‘ll get :

book guidance for trainer, motivational video, pictures to educate brain, video to train eye ball.

 colored association picture, card shape.

 Book guidance for parents.

Teaching common brain gym for balancing of right and left brain.

 Teaching super brain gym for brain therapy (ADD/ADHD, autism, down syndrome, less focus/concentrate etc).

 Teaching Super Memory & Speed Reading

 Several types of ready made activation audio (tested & proven for years), audio healing and relaxation music.

 Teaching Vibration Method (VM). VM is unique method that only owned by us. Our competitors do not have this method. Please beware about fake VM on other website.

 Software of dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence analysis.

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ATTENTION! Please beware of other website or institution that claim using a Vibration Method (VM) for opening intuition. They copied our content and book without permission.

BlindfoldActivation.com first and ever creates VM since 2005 and published on this website since 2010.

VM can not be duplicated without permission from us. VM is not only a method to open the intuition but also to predict anything and to heal the diseases.

We always update our Music and Vibration Method to make brain activation more effective. Ensure that you have the latest update of our method.