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The most complex organ that poses by a human is the brain. This is the center of all nervous system that existed in human’s body. Compare to brain that owned by mammals that have the same big size of body to human, the human’s brain is three time bigger. The biggest part taken by the cerebral cortex part. This is a convoluted layer of the tissue from neural. This tissue protects the exterior part of forebrain. The most biggest part is the frontal lobes, which has the close link to decision making role. For example the thought of planning, self control, way of thinking and theoritical. The size of brain dedicate to vision is very much bloated in people.

The brain is like the director of body, it monitors and controls the act and response of body. Brain also constantly accepts sensory infos and in quick time evaluate the data and directly responds it, regulating movements and functions of body. The brain part that called brainstem is the element that functions to regulate heart rate, breathing and many kinds of processes with the ability of autonomic that are autonomous of aware brain roles. The part of the brain that has the role to think, learn and activate the memory is called neocortex. The part of brain that has function to balance, posutre and organization of movement the body is called the cerebellum.

Human being’s brain consits of 50-100 billion of neurons. Some part of them, namely 10 billion is called cortical pyramidal cells. The amazing thing is these cells have the ability to surpass signals to one another via as much as 1000 trillion connections that called synaptic. The brain is covered by very thick bones of skull, and it is floating in a fluid called cerebrospinal. The brain is also isolated from blood flow by the barrier of blood brain.

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