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After the idea invented, mentioned that human’s left and right brain has its own different patters of thought, this have attract huge of the public attentions. This phenomenon made many scientists got inspirations to create many theories. In fact, these theories generate many critics and even in certain cases turn into pop-psychological myths as well.

Unique thing about brain, the brain’s right hand side has the ability to control the body’s left hand side and vice versa, the brain’s left hand side has the ability to control the body’s right hand side. People’s ability to have language, which is right handed, will be controlled by their left brain. But for left handed people, their language are distributed by both right and left brain, such as 19% by left brain and 68% by right brain and the rest of language processing is handled by both brains. This theory was invented by Steven Pinker, which wrote the book of “The Language Instinct”. This made impression about the process of language, the unique function of brain and kinds of speech faults that spoil to these regions can provide escalate to.

Dr Roger W Sperry, a researcher who studied about split brain. He made some surgeries to cut the connection of left and right brain from animal and human, (because of medical reason, like epilepsy). The result after surgery is, the right handed people cannot declare name of the object, but he could pick up object with similar meaning with their left hand. On other patient, something unique things happens, when they heard question of “What do you want to do?”, left brain answer “draftsman”, but right brain with using scrabble letters make the answer of “automobile race”. His conclusion is that after the surgery will affect to the brain work, that every object that observed implies two different minds and consciousness.

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