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Human’s brain always interested to be research by many scientists around the world. This is the most huge thing that God ever gave to human being, which other creatures like animals were not created by God with sufficient brain, but they were created include with their instincts.

The special fact about human’s brain is that there are specific dissimilarities between these two sided of brain, namely the left and right brain. Right brain has the specialty of: duplicating designs, comprehending geometric and material goods, distinct of shapes, analyze faces, music, universal holistic dispensation, comprehending of metaphors, communicating emotions and interpretation emotions. Mean while the left brain has specialty of: language skillfulness, skill society, logical time cycle processing. Several feeling is share by both left and right brain is: pain, hunger, position, sound recognized by ears, sensations on left and right sides of face. The right brain have better control of negative emotions, and left brain to positive emotions.

In order to examine a patient with destructed to single side of the brain is how they duplicate a diagram. If the patient has a destructed left side brain, they will be likely to duplicate the general rough draft of a diagram, and not the specific. On the other hand if right brain is destructed, patient will be likely to explain the specification of the diagram but not the whole drafts. Many modern techniques to test the brain are available nowadays, such as the EEG and PET sans. This test is to trace activities of brain and at the same time patient do specific task. Between female and male’s brain has slightly different condition. Their brain affect to the mental processes. In female’s brain, they have more lively corpus then neuron fibers. The more of the connections will give more effects on mental processes.

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