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Child’s brain growth is influenced by the nutrients he eats. But do you know what are the nutrients that help the process of brain growth in children?

1. Protein

Protein has a function to build and maintain cells and tissues. Amino acid protein contained beperan role in the formation of cells – the cells of new neurons and the formation and repair sheathing mieling, which will expedite the process of absorption and processing of messages in the brain. Sample food, fresh water fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines.

2. Fat
Nearly 60% of fat in the nervous system is the brain polyunsaturated fatty acids ie omega 3 and 6. Both are essential fatty acids for the body and then converted into AA and DHA so that the effect on visual acuity and level of intelligence of infants. Examples of foods, eggs, organic milk and cheese.

3. Vitamin C and B1
Vitamins function is to form an enzyme in the metabolism process. This enzyme acts to regulate the reaction – the biochemical reactions in the brains of babies and toddlers are growing and developing rapidly. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties to protect nerve cells of the brain. While the vitamin B1, is used to maintain the stamina of the brain and nerve cells. Examples of foods, citrus and tomatoes.

4. Iron
Substances have a role as carriers of oxygen to the brain metabolic processes. This poses supports child’s ability to concentrate and excel in learning. Sample foods, soy and chicken liver.

5. Kolin
Choline plays an important role as the main composition of normal cell membranes and maintain the integrity of cell membranes in biological processes, such as stimulus information, intracellular communication and bioenergy. In essence, food that contains choline to help strengthen the memory in the brain. Examples of foods, eggs and wheat.

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