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midbrain activation

What is Midbrain Activation ?

Midbrain Activation is an imposing method to let your child have good brain performance, sharp intuition and be able to do things with eyes closed. Some of the blindfold capabilities can demonstrate such as reading with eyes closed, guessing a card with eyes closed, walking with eyes closed, reading a closed card/document, etc.

The Benefits of Midbrain Activation :

* To activate and sharpen the intuition existing in the right hand side brain. Sharp intuition is very useful in all sectors of life. Cited from : Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data instantaneously and hits you like a ton of bricks. Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding – a gut feeling. Intuition is not pseudo-science (Abella Arthur)

* To increase concentrating power, learning focus and creativity.

* To balance the right and left brain (brain hemispheres).

* To construct better child’s personality with fun motivation workshop.

Midbrain Activation applies open method well known to people, and the implementation of audio technology functions to stimulate left and right brains including the capability of a child’s intuition which is able to be demonstrated directly by the children at post activation.

There are still more benefits of intuition for example we will get an alarm each time there is a danger/disaster threatening, knowing whether a business partner is trustable or not. Being a leader of organization, one can take quick decision (reducing human error), or if being a businessman, he or she can read a profitable business opportunity, etc.

So whatever the profession is, intuition is very useful in any sector of life.

How to Activate Midbrain ?

Many of people are curious to know how to activate Midbrain?

  1. For children we use several methods such as fun motivation, brain gym and brain stimulation with music. We also add other lessons such as : speed reading/quantum speed reading, super memory etc.
  2. For adult midbrain we use secret of human power energy instead of music because more effective. Adult midbrain also have benefits such as for prediction, protection from crime, healing etc.

Midbrain Activation Research

1. Research from USA scientist :
Why blind people can “see” withou eyes? you can read the published paper research here :

2. Research from Russia scientist :

Researches confirm the compatibility of non-eye vision for the cerebrum. The phenomenon does exist and it has to be studied”! (N.P. Bekhtereva – Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences & Head of the Brain Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences).

Paper research :

3. Korean Institute of brain science :
– Ahn S.H., Kim S.W., Jang D.P., Ku J.H., Sumners D.P., Lee U.S., Cho Z.H., Lee S.H., “Stimuls intensity dependence of colour perception by heightened sensory perception(HSP) trained children”, Acta Physiologica, 2006, Vol 186, supplement 1, 250.

– Kim S.W., Ahn S.H., Jang D.P., Ku J.H., Sumners D.P., Lee U.S., Cho Z.H., Lee S.H., “The effects of environmental luminance on color perception in heightened sensory perception(HSP) trained children.”, Acta Physiologica, 2006, Vol 186, supplement 1, 24

See the international brain competition of HSP (blindfold test and senses the object for children-adult) :

4. Scientist from Japan (Shichida Method) :

– Prof.Makoto Shichida  : “I believe that to raise children who will be capable of soaring up into  the 21st century, it is necessary for us to wake up to the fact that  unknown and unexplainable abilities do exist.  It is necessary to put new methods of education into practice that will develop these special abilities”. Shichida also teach psychic things to students like blindfold games.

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