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Hundred years ago before neuroscience became the way brain scientists explore about “brain world”; Plato had spoken about the Temperament, Reason and Appetite. Today, it is the discussion about the capabilities of each part of brain. Most of the time people are arguing about which one is better, a man with the dominant of left brain or a man with dominant of right brain? Apart from that battle of argumentation, each of them has their own essential functions for a human life and cannot be separated.

In simple words, McGilchrist addressed that left brain is the part for calculation, competing, and power”. While right brain is about memory, life experience which leads to more human feelings. Did you remember where you were when Prince Diana died? Now that is the form of right brain function.

Though this two major part of brain is mostly dichotomized by the functions, they are connected by a thick cables heading to each brain base, say the both have same input. Each part controls the mirroring part of body. Right brain controls the left part of the body and vice versa. Here I want to make it simpler on each function of the brain. Left-brain function as to think in logic, math, science, strategies, knowing object names, pattern etc.

Right brain like I said earlier it is related with human emotions such as symbol and images, fantasy, feelings, religion and philosophy and many other goes along with them. Without undermining other part of brain, a left brained person are likely occupying this kind of job; judge, lab scientist, banker, mathematician, and other jobs related to logic and thinking. Often, we tend to see left brain more dominant than the other hemisphere since it involves the human ability to think in logic, communicate ideas and fact. It makes most of has the illusion of left brain is more important than the others especially in this time. But then, the fact is one brain cannot survive all on its own without the other.

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