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Are you a person like me who thinks that daydreaming is bad and wasting time? Then you must know what brain researchers now say about it. The scientists have revealed some facts in the relation of daydreaming and what is behind it. Most of us view daydreaming as useless, infantile activity and so as the neuroscientists. But as the technology becomes more advanced and the study of brain is deeper than ever, the researchers have revealed that wandering mind (day dreaming) keeps you on the track of your long term goal.

It even fosters you toward creativity and problem solution findings. Now you might find the link of daydreaming and its advantage. Sometimes, our best ideas suddenly come when we are daydreaming. Fantasies, mind wandering, and imagining are part of daydreaming. Mind wandering let our brain to work lighter than usual. For example, you are doing a hard and complicated job. Then you must get yourself a little freed by daydreaming about winning lottery, having a picnic with the loved ones in a beautiful island.

As a remarkable psychologist, Eric Klinger said that mind wandering is advantageous for brain system. When you are occupied with one single task, your brain reminds you with larger goal to pursuit, for example when a student is studying hard for a math test, his mind sometimes wonder about having a new Nintendo that his parents promise him to have if he gets a good grade. But the research finding is not restricted only to that example. There many kind of daydreaming. If you do too often of daydreaming or your mind wander in elsewhere while your eyes are on a boring object, it means you need to take a break to fresh your mind.

As I said earlier that daydreaming is one of a form to reveal your creativity. Scientist says in relation to improving creativity process, jogging helps brain to create more creative ideas. Therefore it is a good idea to take a walk when your head is loaded with things. It is because undemanding task like taking a rest, taking a walking free your mind and make your brain regain its objectivity in a new refreshed way.

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