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Brain that function as monitoring and controlling the body’s action and reaction, is protected with a thick skull of bones. The brain is actually very vulnerable to get damage and suffer from diseases. The most frequent type of physical injure are such as strike to the head, stroke, got poisoned by many kinds of chemicals could play role as neurotoxins.

The case of brain infection happens not frequently. But once it occurred, this is going to be very seriously. Other brain disease that many people could suffer from is Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease and multiple sclerosis. These diseases begin from gradual death of certain neurons, and afterwards following to reduction in memory, cognition and the control of movement. The famous boxer, Muhammad Ali is one of the patients with Parkinson’s disease; he got this illness because of the frequent hit on his head during the fight competitions.

There is a technical test for brain that called EEG. The big size of brain injury will give big influence to other organs. For example it could affect to foremost of intelligence, personality, mentally, memory and movement. One of the death reasons that hit on many youth and middle age of people is caused by head trauma that result from vehicular or industrial accidents. It is more frequents that the damage is because of the factor of edema rather than the crash itself. The reason of stroke is because the jam of blood canals in the brain. Stroke is another main caused the death from brain injury.

Other type of brain disease is more because of the bad condition of psychiatric, such as depression and schizophrenia. But these two brain disease will damage the brain partially, so it make the brain not function proportionally. This theory is still being debated by many scientists.

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