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Activities which sat cross-legged with eyes closed and breath setting in a meditation is not a specific religious ritual. That activity is done by everyone and it can give positive effects to the body. It also can train mind to be more positive and can relive stress. The used pattern in meditation helps everyone to control the way to think and how to recognize the self. When you feel lonely, dark, no hope, you should think the goal of your life. The process of musing is that the mind only focuses on one thing that is your self. It is better to know and recognize the strength and weakness of yourself and then achievement and failure. You should consider changing the bad habits and attitudes to become the positive attitudes.

The past experience is a standard to reach future and it is not a target now. Meditation makes you focus on the present and make you run your life very well. It gives you good effects to your life to help in running one’s life because by doing meditation it will get the calmness and quietness in the life. You will feel that you reborn again when you did meditation. Meditative methods will help you in controlling the thoughts so that the big problems can be solved. Your attitudes also become positive and stable.

Benefits of Doing Meditation to the Health

Meditation gives great benefits for one’s health. When people suffered illness, they should recover the illness by doing meditation. It is because some ills are caused by stress so that it needs meditation to treat their ills. The thinking pattern can be used to treat ills due to stress. It can be combined with positive life style that is started by meditation. Meditation is often linked to the silent sitting practice by a certain religion but it is actually a thanking expression to the blessings of God. It facilitates the people to become one with environment. That is way meditation actually can be done by many religions with the goal to train mind and accept the self condition.

There are many positive effects of meditation to people. They are having awareness to the self, knowing closer to the self and environment, and improving self-confidence and patient to stay low profile. Meditation also makes a person close to the God and thank to its blessing. Due to those effects, the function of body organ will be always good and in some cases, it can cure ills. It also makes us be always positive thinking to the life.

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